IKAR Global Cyber

IKAR Global Cyber Ltd is a London-based company founded to house IKAR’s own investments into promising Cyber Security companies who have complementary knowledge and expertise and also as a service provider to other companies.
IKAR Global Cyber provides cyber security services such as cyber security audit, penetrating testing, outsourcing chief information security services and creating a major general contractor for these services.
IKAR Global Cyber also invests in promising cyber security companies across Europe.
IKAR Global Cyber is owned by IKAR Industries, London.

IKAR Global Cyber Services

A cyber security audit is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of your business’s IT infrastructure. It identifies threats and vulnerabilities, exposing weaknesses and high-risk practices.

Penetration testing is an attack simulation conducted in accordance with guidelines, closely demonstrating real-world attacks that organisations face daily.This test seeks to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses and mis-configurations, within the current security setup that could enable a malicious actor to compromise the systems within an organisation. More importantly, identifying security weaknesses that can lead to the compromise of confidentiality, integrity or loss of availability of business data.

In the face of a global talent shortage, it is not easy to identify a security professional with the knowledge and leadership required to prepare and execute a successful information security strategy for your business.

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)service solves this problem by enabling your business to call upon a highly qualified and experienced security professional as and when required. By acting as an extension of your business, an IKAR Virtual CISO will assess potential cyber-risks and develop the policies, procedures and controls needed to help elevate your security to compliance standards.

IKAR Global Cyber Leadership

Sertan Aycicek


Jon Coss

Chief Executive Officer

Melih Akgungor

Director Turkey


Introduction To IKAR Group 


IKAR Industries is the operational Holding of the group and the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. Accordingly, the sought-after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy.

IKAR Industries is utilizing its decades of entrepreneurial experiences, industry know-how and its global network on the management level and is doing either direct investments or in co-operation with co-investors.

IKAR Industries has chosen promising sectors to invest and operate within in the upcoming years and laid already the structure for operational performance

IKAR industries currently focuses on industry sectors:

Energy, Real Estate, Sports, Construction, Cyber Security, Aviation, Health, Services, Defense and Hospitality.

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17 Savile Row, Mayfair W1S 3PN, London,United Kingdom